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Alcest Review Response!

A late night email like this made me fall off my chair.

” thanks for your contribution to the Alcest review . we want to honour your efforts, we’d like to send you a “Les Voyages De L’Âme” poster and a buch of Alcest postcards for free. If you would like to receive this as a “thank you” from Alcest and Prophecy, please give us your postal address. ”

Alcest is nothing short of brilliance but it reached out on a completely different level by this gesture. 🙂

The review link on the blog –


Keshav Dhar – India’s First Djentleman !

Keshav Dhar probably also knows how to MAKE an instrument by now.He does everything that is ever related to conceptualizing and materializing music.
He plays the guitar,produces music and also has his solo project – Hydrojent.
Probably India’s first band to have Maximum Djent Twang!

Keshav Dhar got the fame (much deserved) when he released two of the most progressive, ambient and layered tracks iv heard in recent times. Best part being- from an indian artist!
Hold your breath when i say – vocals – Dan Tompkins ( ex- TesseracT) and guitars Marty Friedman -( ex Megadeth) !The lineup for these two tracks ,with the featuring artists , itself made me anxious .

And what i head was more than music! Keshav makes way for a unique “sound” thats not only ambient and soothing but also heavy and djenty.

Dan’s vocals are perfectly suited and Marty rolls up his sleeve big time to create something not usually in his style of playing.The two tracks – Celestial and Catharsis are definitely a big add on  in the increasingly popular subgenre of  progressive metal .

To experience the awesomeness check this out!

both featuring Dan Tompkins (ex- TesseracT) and Marty Friedman(ex- Megadeth)


Alter Ego

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