Interview : Elliot Coleman (TesseracT)

Elliot Coleman – the name that is now on the minds of every TesseracT fan as their new smashing and versatile lead singer. After the exit of Dan Tompkins (ex-vocalist), the responsibility of leading a critically acclaimed band fell on Elliot’s shoulders which he pulled off effortlessly!

With just a month of talks and ‘sample – exchange’ while auditioning for Tesseract, Elliot managed to grab attention at concerts all over with his soulful voice and instant blending with the band.

While juggling between his studio sessions and playing console games, Elliot managed to find time to answer some questions in his own unique style!



What was that defining moment which made you realize that singing was your ultimate calling?

– I’d been singing for years but it was only after encouragement from my pals Jake Bowen and Misha Mansoor did I decided to pursue it as a main focus. Up in till then I was a guitarist for 12 years.

TesseracT – how did it all happen?

– Sitting on my couch in my underwear, got a message from Amos telling me Dan was leaving and if I was interested in auditioning. I told him “sure”. 😀


A talented American with a group of equally talented Brits – blend of different cultures and influences – how does it all manifest in the studio ?

 To be honest, we’ve yet to work together in the studio, you’ll have to ask me again in a few months  😉


Neophobia (fear of new things) gripped many of the Tesseract fans because of Dan Tompkins’s (ex-vocalist , TesseracT) exit – how did you deal with the mixed reactions of the fans ?

– I enjoy making fun of people, but to be honest it doesn’t really bother me. I sound nothing like Dan and have a completely different style of singing that some people might not enjoy. Can’t blame them, if you fell in love with “One” then you fell in love with Dan, and thats completely understandable, he’s a wonderful vocalist. I’m sure once we finish our next album, with my own writing, people will come around.


What elements will you be bringing in Tesseract since you have pop/R&B influences ? Any plans/ideas which you would love to leak out ?

– hmmm….I think technically Dan was more on the pop side. I come from a more R&B/Jazz background. I’d love to incorporate that into the next album. I still haven’t made up my mind about whether or not I’m even going to do any screaming on the next album.


With the new haircut and tons of fans – any good/bad/weird fan experience ?

– I usually keep to myself on tour, so I avoid all of the weirdos. 😀


Tell us a little about your other endeavours ( Zelliack , OMNOM(Of Man Not Of Machine)

– Zelliack is a wonder soul/R&B project I have with my former Sky Eats Airplane bandmate, and very close friend, Zack Ordway. OMNOM is (was?) a project I have with another close friend of mine, Misha Mansoor of Periphery. OMNOM was actually some of the first stuff I ever sang on.


We have seen a lot of Bro-mance between you and Periphery in their videos – any collaborations expected in the future ?
– I sang on their debut album. If I can find a cool spot for Spencer ( Vocalist – Periphery) , I’ll put him on the next TesseracT album.


If not the Vocalist for TesseracT – Elliot Coleman would be?

– Tattoo artist. Even though I have no idea how to do that.


Bands that you would be stoked singing for ?

– The Strokes or Phoenix


And finally , any message/advice/sermon to budding singers out there ?

– Don’t drink, don’t smoke, you’ll do fine 🙂


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