Blackheart – Anti-Corruption EP (2012)

The musical talent from the northern part of India is undeniable. The bands that north has given birth to are one of the countries finest – critically as well as on the scale of popularity.

Blackheart is one such band which hails from this musically blessed region. The 5-piece  death-core band look pretty promising with their hard hitting EP ( driven by a social cause).
The most important aspect of any EP/LP is its album-art. Countless number of albums have been subjected to market swings due to inadequate or hyped album art which results in the artists gain or loss.

Blackheart has a very ‘in your face’ cover work which is very impressive.
The three-song EP has its moments but lacks in production value. Snare sounds and bass-pedal sounds are hardly distinguishable . No matter how good your material is, production value always has the upper hand in any albums success.

Speaking about the tracks – the track which stands out is ‘Death by poison’. Catchy groove and hard hitting vocals pack the punch which the band intends to. The section of the song which has the phrase ‘Oh My god! fuck them all’ proves that cliche can also hit you at the sweet spot. The other two tracks ‘Do not panic’ and ‘A Silent Vive’ are quite similar on the level of band tightness and musical aggression.

The weakpoints would generally circle around the lyrics- the content is just revolving around the chorus and its repetation makes the lyrics very passable. The lack of a stand-out solo and monotonous guitar chugging could also be a weak spot for a person with a good ear for music.
The band is tight – and sync well with some groovy transitions in the songs . Vocals and Drums stand out distinctively. The rudiments are/patterns/fills are nicely fitted in the songs and the drummer is a powerhouse when it comes to climaxes in the song. Vocals , guttural and heavy , are very promising and give out a very ‘Kreator-ish’ feel which would appeal to thrash and Core fans

Bottomline – A great effort with a good message , Blackheart does have the potential to come in the top league of  Indian Bands from the north and even from India in the near future.

Rating 7/10


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