Lamb Of God – Resolution (2012)

Probably the only torch-bearers of the “new wave of American Heavy Metal” ,Lamb Of God(LOG) have managed to create a new passage with this new release.
Despite the feel being similar to Wrath,the song writing is much heavier and relies more on melodic choruses and more “old-school” guitar magic.LOG also goes more “Thrashy” with this release and has some brilliant orchestral backgrounds for few of the songs which make it a complete new-yet-old eargasm.USP if you ask ? – Randy’s bone shattering vocals.
With him the album sounds their heaviest work till date (excluding Burn The Priest)
The album kicks off with a painful but heavy intro and proceeds straight into a “in-your-face”kinda track – DESOLATION.
GHOST WALKING (superb acoustic riff) and GUILTY are for hardcore LOG fans, nothing unique musically but quite the punch from their previous albums.
For the people like me ( tastes gone haywire because of recent tech metal bands) – the REAL album starts after THE UNDERTOW.
Superb song structuring and mean drum-fills by Chris Adler pace up the album to infinity.
LOG have pepped up their feel by being more thrashy as well as groovy- which makes them even more tasty!
THE NUMBER SIX, INSURRECTION and TERMINALLY UNIQUE are tracks which tell you the calibre of the band,technically.
Guitars swing ridiculously and pedel-presses are bad-ass, specially in INSURRECTION.
TO THE END marks the perfect foreclosure with aggressive but groovy and flowing choruses.
The closing track KING ME is what is the highlight and probably the most versatile track in the album. Comprising of the aforementioned orchestral arrangements and female backing vocals , it literally dilates your pupils.
Randy Blythe (Vocalist) is one member who stands out in this album.
Delivering his most melodic choruses and rage-driven growls at the same time.
The surprise element is the small patch of a song which has his clean vocals!
I wont be more of a spoilt-sport and leave the anxiety to work its magic when you hear every song.
A great start to the new year – this album definitly is going to gather more lambs to slaughter before their metal gods!
RATING : 9/10


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