Cynic – Carbon Based Anatomy (Progressive ,Fusion, Groove Metal)

Cynic started off as a band with fusion elements and “robotic” processor based vocals. Their wagon got momentum with their first LP “Traced in air” which was nothing short of brilliance. Fusing elements of Jazz ,metal and blending beautiful tonal atmospherics Cynic is a band which comes along once a decade. “One album wonders” have made way into the market and still do almost everyday but with their new EP – Carbon Based Anatomy – Cynic just reached the new checkpoint in their musical journey.The EP is short. 20 minutes is all you get.The album fuses elements from India – Tabla ,shlok(hymn) and some odd timed sitar work. If this is the first record you will be hearing from Cynic i urge you to do so on a noise canceling headset. Jaw dropping interludes at the most unexpected places is their specialty.The much appreciated (also ridiculed at the same time) robotic vocals snug in perfectly in every song. The way these guys stick to their tight song writing and detail to each passage in the song is commendable.The songs are NOTHING like their first album. They managed to change their “Sound” and yet sound amazing!
“Carbon based anatomy” the 2nd track of the album – has the most downright melodic outbursts supported by drums sounding like gunshots. A feast to the ears and you get depressed when it ends in just 20 mins ( with 3 interludes).
“Box up my bones” has the Cynic complexity to it and “Elves Beam Out” gets you bouncing to the most synth-prog-metal fusion you would hear in recent times.
Progressive metal/music certainly has its best year with the slew of releases and Cynic just added a gorgeous Ep to the list.Ive never thanked the internet so much – and thanked possibly my existence – their album and now their EP is the best thing to have fallen on my humble ears.

Carbon based Anatomy : –


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