Haken – Visions (Progressive Metal)

Haken – Visions (Progressive Metal)

Last year saw the rise of this unique band from USA . Their debut LP “Aquarius” stunned critics and masses alike with the seemless progression and extreme rhythmic highs and lows.

Many listeners initially called them “Dream Theater with a different drummer” but their “Aquarius” proved everyone wrong. They made an album and stuffed in a solid punch with their soothing yet solid vocals and versatile drum rudiments.

Visions takes these young boys to musical puberty. The transition from their previous to this one is perfect. Blending high vocal scales with the keyboard and trippy segments in between heavy ends , Haken take you on a ride right from the first beat to the last note.
“Nocturnal Conspiracy”  would be my pick of the lot. Groovy and heavy it packs all the necessary HAKEN elements you would look as a fan of their previous work. “Insomnia” and “Portals” easily tells you Opeth and DT are their gods. Some solid odd-time signatures and tight songwriting is evident in these two tracks.

On the down side – the signature Haken moments are totally absent. The small but powerpacked growls of “Streams” from their “Aquarius” are badly missed. The album is total clean vocals ,which is NOT a disappointment, but considering fans who praised their heavy moments in their previous album would be a bit disappointed .Although the keyboardist makes most out of this one – they have not given up the metal-ness just for the sake trippy style of music that they have a penchant for.

In conclusion ,for every progressive rock/metal fan Haken is a must listen but my suggestion would be listening to BOTH their albums back-to-back as it would make a greater impact and leave you wanting more.

Recommended Tracks.
1.Nocturnal Conspiracy –




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  1. Great review – Great band – Great Albums but just for information: HAKEN are from London UK – not The USA – They did play an awesome set in Atlanta last Year at ProgPower USA XII.

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