Textures – Dualism (Djent , Math/Progressive Metal)

Textures – Dualism
Textures reached the epitome of technical and musical talent with their previous- “Silhouettes”. But a change in line-up ( Daniel De Jongh (ex-Cilice) and Uri Dijk (Ethereal) join in as vocalist and keyboardist respectively) paves way for a new “sound” and probably a new perspective to their entire music making process.
The first released single “Reaching Home” and the best track of the record tells you that they have mellowed down the technicality and pumped up the melody.
“Reaching Home” has its moments and one of the “laced with instruments” songs i have heard in recent months.
“Burning the midnight oil” is brilliant and is so complex yet melodic that you are left confused as to which “beat” you should head-bang. The best part about it being – its instrumental !
“Singularity” and “Minor Earth,Major skies” gives the ardent Textures fans a reason to rejoice since they pack maximum punch and maximum growl.
With this release the band resonates their name in true sense – the songs are woven ,one after the other -creating varied textures of rhythmic outbursts and ambient serenity.
As musicians they stick to their Math Metal songwriting but the sound now caters to more alternative sounding song structures.
I am tad disappointed because i was looking forward to another ground-breaking technical ear-blast. The growling is bare minimum and those epic surging moments of their previous albums take a backseat.But after a few listens and a unbiased mindset – the clean vocals mixed with strategically placed growls make sense.
This one is not certainly THE album but they manage to venture into new territory and win substantial part of it.
They MAY loose a bit of their fan-base but at the same time face a fresh new “alternative” audience and make most of this release with their decent “reaching home” music video and strong PR.
Recommended Tracks.
2.Burning The Midnight Oil
4.Constant Hemispheres

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