Megadeth-Th1rt3en(13) (Thrash Metal)

Megadeth – Th1rt3en

13 will never be an unlucky number again !
Megadeth’s 13th studio LP record literally tames the unlucky .
13 tracks on the record, 13 candles on the artwork(CD cover) – the first look of it makes you realize you are up for a treat. Most bands have a linear quality graph and Megadeth stands out in the crowd. Their “ENDGAME” was a benchmark and 13 is a perfect successor to this success story.
Outstanding production and sticking to old school roots makes it the perfect blend of mindless thrash and fast paced melodic rollercoaster. The album packs elements from Cryptic Writings to “Killing Business…” which makes it fit for almost another decade to come.

Probably the only band to put up a weak track as their first , the album opens up to “Sudden Death” which is a Megadeth standard track and honestly quite passable. The real album starts from “Public Enemy No. 1”. Bass and Cymbals come crashing down on your ears at the very start and you know “IT” has begun.
All your enemies flash before your eyes and you cant keep away from giving an evil grin when Dave screams “you wont believe the things ive done – and the killing was just for fun”
Probably the most explosive track with epic riff-age.
“Whose life(is it anyway?)” is my personal pick from the album – you still don’t understand how this pothead comes up with such layered tracks with such simple melody. Best part is there is NOTHING special – simple riff,simple basic thrash rudiments but it stands out as a perfect early morning eargasm.
Only Dave can make lyrics like “your Sa-sa-security” and still like-able“Gun,Drugs,Money” takes you into a rapidly changing “laid-back” to “feet hammering” songwriting.”Never Dead” is the most technically sound and high production track in the album and probably the bands best choice for releasing it as a single.
“New world order” is reminiscent of Testament-ish way of chorus repetitions which literally make you sing like you are in a church choir after ever AMEN!
“Black Swan” is a shred-fest and “Millenium of the Blind” tells you where the Metallica sound ACTUALLY came from – a track which proves heavy need not be fast! I literally closed my eyes to grasp the heaviness when Dave sings at a lower tone “Lies follow – blindly” .The album ends with “13” which is aptly placed,aptly named and perfect end to a realm of thrash lords who stick to their roots and make music not to sell but because they love to.

Recommended Tracks (you-tube links)
1.Who’s line (is it anyway?)
2.Public Enemy No.1
3.Never Dead
4.Black Swan

5. Millennium Of The Dead
6.Fast Lane


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